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日時: 平成26年8月18日(月) 16:10-18:10
場所: 京都大学 桂キャンパスCクラスタ総合研究棟III(C3棟) 3階 b3n03室(航空宇宙工学専攻会議室)
講演1: Regularity of Boltzmann Equation in Convex Domains
Prof. Yan Guo
(Division of Applied Mathematics, Brown University, USA)
要旨: It is known that discontinuity can be created at the boundary in a non-convex domain for the Boltzmann equation with initial and boundary conditions. In this talk, Boltzmann solutions are shown to be C^1 away from the grazing set of the phase boundary in a convex set.
講演2: Applications of finite volume analysis on UHVDC converter transformer design
Dr. Tor Laneryd
(ABB Corporate Research, Sweden)
要旨: Ultra-high voltage direct current (UHVDC) transformers allow large amounts of electricity to be transported across very long distances with minimal losses. Numerical analysis using finite volume schemes plays an important part in the design of UHVDC transformers, both for the cooling systems and for the electrical insulation. The former involves solving the well-known Navier-Stokes system of equations for mixed convection of the transformer oil that is characterized by its high Prandtl number. The latter is analyzed by a theoretical model of ion transport with governing equations dominated by the convection terms and requiring specialized boundary conditions on solid-liquid interfaces.