Workshop 2016

Kinetic Theory and Fluid Dynamics:
From micro to macroscopic modeling

Rakuyu Kaikan, Kyoto, Japan, May 26-28, 2016

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Presentation [back to top]

Since the celebrated works of Maxwell and Boltzmann on ideal gases, the kinetic modeling has been spreading over various fields in science and technology. It is currently applied to various equilibrium/non-equilibrium phenomena, providing the hierarchical understanding of the fluid-dynamical description.

The present workshop is organized on the occasion of Professor Yoshio Sone’s 80th and Professor Kazuo Aoki’s 65th birthday. The workshop aims at providing an opportunity for researchers who had friendship and collaboration with them and who have been influenced by them to exchange current results on kinetic theory and fluid dynamics. Young researchers who are interested or have already been involved in the related fields are encouraged to attend the workshop as well.

Confirmed Speakers   [back to top]

Aldo Frezzotti  (Politecnico di Milano)
Irene Gamba 
(University of Texas, Austin)
Francois Golse 
(Ecole Polytechnique) [LecturePDF]
Seung-Yeal Ha (Seoul National University) [LecturePDF]
Takeshi Kataoka
(Kobe University)
Hailiang Li (Capital Normal University)
Tai-Ping Liu  (Stanford University & Academia Sinica) [LecturePDF]
Takaaki Nishida  (Kyoto University)
Giovanni Russo (Universita di Catania) [LecturePDF]
Andres Santos
(Universidad de Extremadura) [LecturePDF]
Hiroshi Sugimoto
(Kyoto University)
Satoshi Taguchi (The University of Electro-Communications)
Takeru Yano (Osaka University)
Shugo Yasuda  (University of Hyogo)
Shih-Hsien Yu 
(National University of Singapore)

Organizers [back to top]

Shingo Kosuge (Kyoto University)
Satoshi Taguchi (The University of Electro-Communications)
Shugo Yasuda (University of Hyogo)
Shigeru Takata  (Kyoto University)

Program / Abstracts / Poster [back to top]

The program will be composed of invited lectures (50 min including the time for discussions) by the speakers listed above. The program is available from here. The abstracts will be distributed at the workshop site.
Poster  (updated on May 9, 2016)

Venue [back to top]

Hotel information (links to the hotels)

COOP-Inn Kyoto,
Smile Hotel Kyoto-Shijo,
Toyoko-Inn Kyoto Shijo-Karasuma

Transportation from Kansai Airport (Osaka) to Kyoto:

How to reach the hotels in Kyoto from Kansai (Osaka) Airport? There are two suggestions.

 Option 1: via JR (Japan Railway) Kyoto Station using JR Airport Express “Haruka” (click here for the instruction).

Option 2: via MK Skygate Shuttle from Kansai Airport to the hotels in Kyoto.
You need to book it via MK website.

Rakuyu Kaikan (the workshop site) :

Rakuyu Kaikan provides the web-site (here) in Japanese only .
Instruction how to reach there (Rakuyu Kaikan, Kyoto University) by city bus is available from here.

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