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日時: 平成27年2月9日(月) 14:40-15:40
場所: 京都大学 桂キャンパスCクラスタ総合研究棟III(C3棟) 3階 b3n03室(航空宇宙工学専攻会議室)
講演: Global Solutions of the Boltzmann Equation over R^D near Global Maxwellians with Small Mass
(joint work with Claude Bardos, Irene M. Gamba, and C. David Levermore)
Prof. François Golse
(Centre de mathématiques Laurent Schwartz, Ecole Polytechnique, France)
要旨:  We study the dynamics defined by the Boltzmann equation set in the Euclidean space R^D in the vicinity of global Maxwellians with finite mass. A global Maxwellian is a special solution of the Boltzmann equation for which the collision integral vanishes identically. In this setting, the dispersion due to the advection operator quenches the dissipative effect of the Boltzmann collision integral. As a result, the large time limit of solutions of the Boltzmann equation in this regime is given by noninteracting, freely transported states and can be described with the tools of scattering theory.